SERVER UPDATE 14.2 ANALYSIS - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers
Hello people,

We are here to introduce server update 14.2's Analysis.

Change in arrest system again.

  • Last time when arrest system was changed to perimeter, server was really shifted to robbers meta people often
    used to play as robbers more & do more things instead of playing as cop just to roam around. Changing arrest system
    back to before & enabling arrest without typing id for non-regular players in 14.2 might bring back the cop players
    back in the server.

  • Random Hitting.

  • Random Hitting is now allowed this will mess up with server player alot we are most likely to see many rage
    random hits & teaming up just to piss off each others also with the changes in medical fees system for those
    beyond 250k hits will enable random hitting more in server. Giving sniper to hitman on spawn will not do much
    since there is no headshot system outside of dueling stadium but if someone want to kill-steal then its very handy,
    this is actually taking hit system into next level & now it does alot of impact then it used to do before.

  • 50% Armour on spawn for donators.

  • This one will give a slight advantage to donators when they are in fight so they wont have to run towards regular/donator
    club or ammunation to get armour so donators can now join back in fights quickly like cop chases or a bloodbath fights
    between all robbers.

  • Other Updates.

  • I just dont find anything interesting to make a different paragraph on other updates so I am just adding rest everything here,
    changes in fishing system will bring back fishing in server i have seen alot of players now does fishing to earn quick money.
    All other tax reductions & increase in money will let new players buy properties very quickly as before everything was so
    expensive with vat increase but now it looks balanced or maybe its too much.

  • Credits for this Analysis goes to Zeus1128

    Posted On 06-October-2018 - 11:08:54 AM ( 2 Months ) By Dawood


    gurinder22 @ 06 October 2018 - 2 Months

    Great analysis. According to this maybe some things changes in sever like random hitting removed. Good work zeus.
    Abdul_kabeer @ 06 October 2018 - 2 Months

    Karim15 @ 06 October 2018 - 2 Months

    Good work @Zeus1128, keep it up! And you also @Dawood keep posting it alone after posting the main update!
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