SERVER UPDATE 14.1 - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers
Hello Folks,
We listen to your feedback's & made improvements in this update, server is back on hosted tab & we are looking forward to get some good player base.

Become A Developer

  • Want to became part of development team? You know how to script but never got a chance? Well...
  • You can now become a part of development team by submitting your files such as objects, mapping, apps, etc in new "Workshop" section added on forum.
  • If we like your scripting & ideas then we will implement those in server & credits will be given to player.
  • All top contributors will be added in new "Contributors" group on forum where they will receive in-game as well as forum benefits.
  • Players who do not know scripting but still want to give out their suggestions/feedback's they can use normal suggestion section which are already available on forum.

Shift To San Fierro

  • It was boring in Las Venturas all the time players were just roaming around & doing nothing so we have changed server's default city to San Fierro.
  • All players will now spawn in San Fierro by default, if they have changed their spawn city from /s then they will be still spawned in San Fierro.
  • This will not be permanent change, soon we will be moving to Los Santos from time to time so players can enjoy different cities without getting bored.
  • This will also bring us in notice what things are lacking in other cities and why most players prefer to play in Las Venturas.

Turbo Kit

  • Added a new item Turbo Kit in all Fuel Stations which can be purchased for $1,000,000 (1 million) in-game cash.
  • You will get a Super Brake in vehicle than normal braking system.
  • Turbo Kit can be purchased per vehicle, it will stay in car & anybody can use it until it dies (car is destroyed).

Life Insurance System

  • Both Life Insurance i.e Lite & Elite can now be claimed on all types of death by using command /claimins in City Hall after their respective deaths.
  • Player can only hold one Lite Life Insurance & multiple Elite Life Insurance at a time respectively.
  • Lite Life Insurance will now recover 55% of fees & Elite Life Insurance will recover 90% of fees from the current medical fees you have paid.

Law Enforcement Updates

  • Arrest perimeter duration has been changed to 4 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug in /emp used to give different speed that it supposed to be.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Biz Lockdown is now completely removed as some parts of code were still in the script causing problems for players to enter in biz.
  • Added dueling stadium in LS & SF for players to join without coming in Las Venturas.
  • Changed house menu selling text to "Sell House To Server" to avoid confusion.
  • Added a confirmation text on /sellbiz in-case if biz is sold to server in-case if player did not type any id.
  • Added a missing text in law enforcement garage in Los Santos army base.
  • Added some vehicles in spawn locations in LS & SF as they were lacking.
  • You can now locate your biz location with gps by using /bizs & typing the mentioned biz id in chat.
  • All house robbery message will now echo on IRC.
  • Fixed various bugs & false detection in server's anti-cheat.

Have Fun!

Posted On 06-September-2018 - 07:33:50 PM ( 3 Months ) By RedCrosser


uzzyy @ 06 September 2018 - 3 Months

really a good update just appretiate you guys admins !
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