An Update - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers
An Update

Hello Folks,

We are releasing a minor adjustment update from previous update version 14.0 fixing several issues in the server.

Law Enforcement Duty

  • In response of community feedback. We have noticed that our community is not happy with the update. This update is now removed!
  • We have given out free 250 Nitro Kit Shots to everyone as compensation.

Other Updates

  • Made some adjustments in Nitro Kit boost upon activation, it will now boost a bit slower.
  • SWAT feature /emp will now slow both players vehicles.
  • Arrest Perimeter duration has been changed to 3 seconds.
  • Activating arrest perimeter will now show on /lastacts.
  • Fixed bug in biz stock refilled automatically.
  • Fixed bug in House robbery not giving drugs (if house has it) but shows notification/message on chat.
  • When a Cop will attack any civilian with hit he will get the warning for shooting innocent players.
  • When a Civilian will attack any cop with hit he will get wanted levels.
  • Added a automatic text-draw popup for new players when they select cop skin to show them which player colors indicates which role, so they will know what to do.
  • You may use /tutorial command again to enable options menu in-case if text-draw box is cancelled accidentally.

Posted On 30-August-2018 - 07:20:29 PM ( 3 Months ) By RedCrosser


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