SERVER UPDATE 14.0! - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers
Hello Folks,

This time we have done major update as our staff team has addressed
several issues found in the server & focused on solving them.

• Arrest System.

- We have received alot of complaints regarding law enforcements are so overpowered
with arrest system so we took this matter very seriously & started to dig up on
changing arrest system, presenting a new arrest perimeter system.

  • Upon using /arrest, Cops will have will activate a arrest perimeter on suspect
    for 5 seconds, they have to stay within near suspect & alive to arrest the suspect.
  • Suspect can escape the perimeter by either running away from arrest perimeter
    range, killing the cop or by sitting inside a vehicle.

  • • Law Enforcement Duty.

  • Cops are getting tired after a long day work, now they will go off duty after
    24 hours in real life & player will have to play as civilian for next 24 hours.

  • Players can stay on cop skin while they are off duty but they will act as
    civilians means they will have no access to any law enforcement facilities.
  • Again after 24 hours of real life passed being off duty, he will return to
    his job to protect the city from criminals.
  • Players can change their skin in middle of the game & off duty timer will be
    stopped & will be continued after playing as cop again.

  • • Nitro Kit Modification.

  • You heared it right! Since the introduction of Nitro Kit Shots it has never been same
    as before, its being ignored so we have decided to do small changes in this system.
  • Nitro Kit will now give a boost & increase the vehicle speed upon the usage but there is a limit.
  • You cannot use nitro kit if your vehicle speed is above 190.

  • • General Updates. - (Civilians Updates)

  • Now command /hits can be used only by Hitman.

  • Command /fuck can now be used by all the skills instead of rapist only.

  • Changed Drug Plant checkpoint draw distance to very low, now you have to be near to see it.

  • • Law Enforcement Updates.

  • Change CIA Command /taze freeze duration from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Added a new command /emp available for SWAT Officers to make suspect vehicle electrified reducing
    their speed by 60% for 3 seconds, Available for Sergeant Rank or higher.
  • Fixed CIA Spikes not being removed after using /dspikes command.
  • Changed spawned cars location in SWAT/CIA base slightly away from the wall, so player will not get stuck
  • Fixed CIA Spikes are not getting destroyed & giving fake moneybag message.

  • • House Updates.

  • Fixed house keys menu bug does not work on typing name & shows message on chat.
  • Fixed house keys are not sent to other player.

  • Fixed house breakin chance for donating players, as it was impossible to breakin their houses.

  • • Gangs or Clan.

  • Cleared all outdated gangs on the website, new clans can be created now.
  • If a clan leaders/admins/moderators are inactive for more than 2 weeks then clan will be automatically deleted.
  • Added a option for clan leaders to disband (delete) their clan on website.

  • A clan will be automatically deleted if there are no members in the clan.
  • Fixed joining clan requirement bug checking player's hand cash instead of total networth.

  • • Red-Cali Vehicle Updates.

  • Now player will be ejected out of red cali vehicle after he have fully entered inside the vehicle.

  • Added a command /calikeys to check whom we have given our red cali car keys.
  • Fixed a bug where red cali vehicle does not spawn instantly after they are destroyed.

  • • Other Updates.

  • You can now check how many guns pack usage on /inventory (/inv).
  • Changed IRC PM receiving color to cyan blue, it can be seen properly now.
  • AntiCheat has been improved along with some bug amendments.

  • We appreciate all of your comments & suggestions that you have been giving us untill now. To support us please
    donate to the server.

    GTCNR Administration Team.

    Posted On 23-August-2018 - 01:29:19 PM ( 4 Months ) By Dawood


    karim15 @ 23 August 2018 - 4 Months

    Good updates! Hearing forward to keep up with such updates! Karim15
    zeus1128 @ 23 August 2018 - 4 Months

    great updates as always! good job done by everyone on staff team & players for suggesting several things.
    doremon @ 23 August 2018 - 4 Months

    good update good job
    uzzyy @ 24 August 2018 - 4 Months

    not a good update ar with id wait for 24 hours wtf is this and yea redc the new update is not good the server will be dead again with theses types off shitty update mark my words! you are making a gtcnr dead again redcorsser i swear belive me...😭😡 no one will play with these updates!
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