13.3 - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers
Hey guys!

It's been a long time since the Server
Updated and we apologize for the inconvenience.
We hope this Server Update improves your relishing experience in this Community.

Before we start off, we would like to welcome Zeus1128, & Youssefradwan as Server Administrators

We look forward for the good outcomes by this advancement
in Server Administration Staff.

• Weather System:
  • A new weather system to play in different environment on server. Each game day of server a weather changes into random one as rainy, foggy, sandstorm. Interiors will not be affect by any weather regardless.

  • • Day / Night
  • Day Time will start on 8:00 & ends on 19:00 clock of same day.
    At Day Time Law Enforcements have advantage over Robbers. The Day Time advantages are as follows.
    Fishes price will be good, cops ticket will be higher, increase in arrest range, 100% increase in cash & police credits on arrest.

  • • Night Time
  • At Night Time Robbers have advantage over Law Enforcements.

    Night Time will start on 19:00 & ends on 8:00 of next day.
    The advantages of Robbers at Night Time are as follows:

  • Increased robbery range. (/rob)
  • Robbers will take less time to lose wanted levels.
  • Cops will have more cooldown in their commands.
  • Cops will get less cash on arrests.
  • Robbers will get more cash on store robberies.
  • Less cooldown on stores robbery time.

  • • Red Cali update:

  • You can now give a car key to other player with command /givecarkeys.
  • Player with the keys can access your car & can do modifications in it.
  • You need to be inside a vehicle in order to give keys.
  • Giving Car Keys does not change ownership of the car.
  • Tax will not be taken from player with car key.
  • Only one key can be given at a time. So, in order to give it to another player you have to take key back from current player..

  • • Bous City:

  • At server restart each week there will be bonus city randomly selected which will give slightly extra bonuses in the city
  • Cash bonus cash on robbery/arrest, higher chances of mb spawn in bonus city, can get additional scores, more chances to spawn bvi, etc
  • Extra amount will be shown in bracket & with different color.
  • Example: Redcrosser has robbed $12,345 (+ $1,234) from Burger Shot in Downtown.

    • Miscellaneous Updates
  • Fixed various minor/major bugs from last update.

    If you like the update and want to support the server, donate to the server.

    Posted On 30-June-2018 - 02:21:47 PM ( 6 Months ) By Dawood

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    nonea @ 31 December 2017 - 12 Months

    Dawood @ 04 July 2018 - 5 Months

    Congratulations Zeus & youssef, hope you guys will do well for server's future.
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