SERVER UPDATE v13.2 - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers
Hello everyone,

We are back with server update of v13.2 This version mainly focuses on law inforcement and bug fixes,

Law Enforcement

  • Now you need to use /arrest [ID/nick] to arrest a nearby suspect you can no longer use (mmb to arrest the nearby suspect now) same with /drag /cuff /taze
  • Being a CIA officer, Now you don't need to wait to write /report ExPerson WantedLevel Crimes) When you use /Search if there is any crimes found with the player than you will get an option and will be asked if u want to give the player wanted level for their crimes or not.
  • Now S.W.A.T Officers will get 5 credits for using /drag on a suspect with wanted levels,
  • All Special forces will get 5 Credits on assist.
  • More ranks added for S.W.A.T Officers On promotions, Now you can have Those Ranks in game which are Shown in Forums (SWAT Section) the Ranks will be shown in /i of player E.g /i Diana S.W.A.T Senior Member) And will have access to some new features.
  • Extra 2 vehicles has been added in cop refill Point, Only S.W.A.T with high ranks will be able to Spawn it .

Miscellanous Updates

  • Now when you use /houselist To locate your house the gps will start and will help you to find your house more easly with Arrows on roads
  • Now /fuck /rape /rob can be used with by only rapist skill
  • To plant drugs must be drug dealer and To rape - must be rapist and so on respectively.
  • Unlimited RCC stocks From RCC car shop has been removed now there will be stocks only if when server restarts or when you or someone /discard their RCC Vehicle .
  • You can no longer use deadly cmds in Death Stadium now.
  • Auto Refresh For /Moneybag has been added to prevent /mb spam
  • Dueling stadium count has been limited
  • Now you will get An notification to accept or decline when someone will offer you for duel or db in Dueling Stadium.
  • Driveby Db Arena Has been chanegd to warehouse
  • Now nitro kit shots will be not counted on canceling textdraws.
  • Ammo for Donating club's weapons has been increased
  • 10% from medic fees has been reduced.

New Skill

  • Hitman skill has been added, The player With hitman Skill will be able to kill the players who Hit on them.
  • Hits will be completed only if player is killed by Hitman.
  • Hitman #1-10 Tag has been added in player /info (/i) if he/she is in Top 10 List.
  • Hits will be saved in database (preventing it to be cancelled from quitting or force timing) but if hit placer quit/timeout then hit will be cancelled.

Bug Fixes

  • SWAT being Able to use /drag cmd inside an interior has been fixed.
  • While cuffed in vehicle and using /ejm used to display typo message of "ou" instead of "You" is fixed.
  • When we used to type /cuff while there is no suspect in server it used to display "Unknown Command" error. has been fixed.
  • Drug plant not removing on skin change has been, fixed.
  • Red Checkpoint of diamond robbery not removing after entering it with Maverick Has been fixed.
  • House Storage bug of depositing more then 80m Has been fixed.

That is it for now, We will update the server constantly to make it better for everyone!
We appreciate your comments and any suggestions you have!
Help our community grow by giving us suggestions here and report any bugs here.
Don't forget to donate to the server!

If there are any questions regarding to the server rules, don't hesitate to get them cleared here.

Have fun,

Posted On 07-August-2017 - 01:08:54 AM ( 1 Year ) By Dawood


Pakistanimunda @ 07 August 2017 - 1 Year

Thanks for the updates Bruh And grwat job as always Thank
zeus1128 @ 07 August 2017 - 1 Year

Nice updates
Dawood @ 07 August 2017 - 1 Year

Great updates As always, Thanks
Arslan007 @ 07 August 2017 - 1 Year

WaJeeH @ 09 August 2017 - 1 Year

Nice updates.
nonea @ 19 January 2018 - 11 Months

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