SERVER UPDATE V12.5 - Grand Theft Cop And Robbers

Server has been updated to 12.5!
There are bug fixes that are involved in this update (especially for C.I.A. and S.W.A.T.).


  • /dspike (deletes one spike) and /dspikes or /delspikes (remove all spikes placed) have been fixed.
  • /ciaduty can be used in LVPD, you do not have to go to [BOT]Alex to change your skin.
  • The cost of going on duty will cost $100,000. However, there's no charge when going off duty.
  • Unable to change skin when there's no hit contract on you has been fixed.


  • The /cuff bug has been fixed
  • /dallrb has been changed to /drbs
  • /drb (/deleteroadblock) not deleting the road blocks has been fixed.

Miscellanous Updates/Other Bug Fixes

  • Civilians get 10% off of their medical fees...only civilians, not law enforcements.
  • Multiple money bags spawn near the spawn location. Clues: Literally impossible to get to them; if you still do, you will go through. NOTE: This does not effect the /mb's detection of the closest player/location/your distance from the money bag.
  • /ejm will eject you properly in a car now; you won't get stuck and then constantly have to attempt to jump.
  • /lastacts command showing inaccurate details has been fixed.
  • Players getting stuck/frozen for a split second because when entering as a passenger/driver has been fixed
  • Bug involving the players to have drugs in negative (less than 0) bug has been fixed.
  • Anti cheat has been improved. If any other bug is found, please report it here.

That is it for now, we will update the server constantly to make it better for everyone!
We appreciate your comments and any suggestions you have!
Help our community grow by giving us suggestions here and report any bugs here.
Don't forget to donate to the server!

If there are any questions regarding to the server rules, don't hesitate to get them cleared here.

Have fun,

Posted On 23-April-2017 - 12:16:17 AM ( 2 Years ) By WildWolf


zeus1128 @ 23 April 2017 - 2 Years

ah i was expecting something new in this update not just bug fixes, only that medical fees & moneybag update is new nothing else very disappointed.
WildWolf @ 23 April 2017 - 2 Years

Good Update, server needed an update based on bugs. There's a reason why it's 12.5, not 13.0, since it isn't major.
Johny_813 @ 26 April 2017 - 2 Years

Nice update but Redcrosser, you said you will give donating sts in the next update.. where are they?
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