SERVER RULES - Grand Theft Cop And RobbersLast Updated: Dawood - 15 September 2018


[Rule 1] General Behaviour
[1-A] Respect and listen to admins and their commands.
[1-B] Respect other players and have good attitude towards them.
[1-C] Do not argue at unnecessary times without any reason.
[1-D] Swearing is allowed but don't swear unnecessarily and do not try and provoke people by swearing at them.
[1-E] Flaming is not allowed, do not flame people or admins (this also includes false accusing which is not allowed, if you find any player guilty report the player with proper proofs on forum).
[1-F] Use of intense words (either for criticizing their real life things, personality, reputation and appearance or their In-Game reputation) is not allowed.
[1-G] Do not disrespect or disgrace any religion or any religious belonging (includes religious leaders, religious events and beliefs) and do not humiliate someone on basis of his religion.
[1-H] Avoid disrespecting/humiliating someone on basis of his country or locale.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be punished In-Game for unreliable behaviour (includes abusing, non-reasonable flaming and false accusing) and will be banned for disrespecting any religion.

[Rule 2] Advertisement and Spam
[2-A] You are not allowed to advertise other SAMP Servers in Server and on Server's Website, Forum, IRC, TeamSpeak, Social Pages & Groups, Video Channels.
[2-B] Refrain from advertising Pirated Content, Links, Malicious Websites and Applications (including Aimbots, Hacks and Harmful Mods), Vulgar Material and Personal Profiles (for boosting Traffic/Subscribers/Viewers).
[2-C] You are not allowed to spam in Server (especially in main chat) and on Server's Website, Forum, IRC, TeamSpeak, Social Pages & Groups, Video Channels.
[2-D] Do not repeat a thing for more than 2 times (if gets ignored due to any reason, you can repeat it once more but not more than that).
[2-E] Flooding (writing random words or lines) is also prohibited.
[2-F] Capitalization of whole line (and repeating the capitalized line) is not allowed.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be punished In-Game by admins for Spamming and will be banned for at-least 1 month for Advertisement.

[Rule 3] Bug/Typo/Omission Abusing
[3-A] Bug abuse is not allowed (if you find a bug do not abuse or tell others except admins about it).
[3-B] Abusing a bug for getting In-Game benefit (Money) or boosting Stats (Arrests, Score etc) is not allowed.
[3-C] If you find any bug/typo in Server, kindly report to an online admin or on forum.
[3-D] Abusing GTA San Andreas' bugs such as C-Bug, 2-Shoot Bug, Sliding Bug, Ninja Jack and other bugs is not allowed.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be banned for certain duration of time (most probably for more than 2 weeks).

[Rule 4] Scamming
[4-A] Scamming players for Donating Status and Coins is not allowed.
[4-B] Any other form of scamming is allowed.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be banned at-least for more than 2 weeks or Donating Status may get revoked (in severe cases).

[Rule 5] Deathmatching and Killing
[5-A] Do not deathmatch anybody for no reason (you are not allowed to shoot, attempt to kill or damage anybody or their vehicle if they didn't harm you in any way).

[5-A-I] Valid reasons to hit, kill and shoot someone are listed as follows.
- The player shot, attempted to deathmatch or kill you (either with weapons or deadly commands).
- You suffered loss due to his bank robbery.
- The player tried to rob you, your business or house.
- The player broke into your house or the house of which you are a co-owner.
- The player kidnapped you.
- The player blew or tried to blow up your vehicle.
- The player blew you away in a vehicle bomb.
- The player jacked or stole your vehicle.
- The player attempted to rob your business or house.
- The player attempted to use deadly commands (/rape, /fuck and /expose) on you or you died due to these commands.
- The player rammed you with his vehicle multiple times (on intention) or tried to park vehicle on you (intentionally).
- The player is trying to arrest you (you are not allowed to hit but you can kill, if the cop tries to escape then don't proceed to kill him and simply leave him.
- The player has a placed a hit contract on you.

[5-A-II] Invalid reasons to kill someone are as under.
- You cannot revenge kill anyone. Revenge killing refers to killing or trying to kill someone after you re-spawned (you can hit or kill someone if you died as a result of deadly commands like /expose, /rape and /fuck used by them on you).
- You cannot shoot or kill players to save your friend if you did not team up with them.
- You cannot kill a cop who ticketed or arrested you and a medic who healed you.
- You cannot shoot a cop who didn't chase or try to arrest you (i.e. cop hunting is not allowed).
- You cannot kill a player who killed you for a hit contract.
- You cannot kill a player who tried to abuse, provoke or flame you (i.e. you can't somebody for calling you noob, stupid, etc).
- You cannot kill a player on whom you used some deadly command or tried to harm and in return he didn't harm you.

Penalty/Punishment: Violation of this rule may lead to huge fine or ban for more than 2 weeks.

[Rule 6] Restriction of Cheats, Aimbots and Mods
[6-A] Use of any Cheat or Mod (including Texture, Graphical and Sound Mod) is not allowed.
[6-B] All types of Cleo/Sobeit Mods are prohibited.
[6-C] Mods listed on 'GTCNR Downloads Page' on Server Website are the only ones that are allowed.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be banned for at-least more than 2 weeks (most probably for a month or more).

[Rule 7] Pausing or Quitting the Game
[7-A] Pausing your game or fully exiting to avoid being killed or paying medical fees, when you are attacked or about to die, is not allowed.
[7-B] Don't quit the game to avoid any loss, hit contract, robbery or admin punishment.
[7-C] If a hacker harms you in absence of an admin, take necessary proofs and report on forum and you will get a refund of your loss.
[7-D] Don't be AFK (Away From Keyboard) for longer duration's of time, you will be kicked from Server automatically. You may suffer loss by someone robbing your house, biz or anything (in such case admins will not be held responsible).
[7-E] If you need to go for some sort of work which you think may take some time, then you may quit the game.

Penalty/Punishment: This violation may lead you to In-Game Punishment or a Ban (as desired by the admins).

[Rule 8] Prohibition of Stats Boosting or Farming
[8-A] Stats Boosting or Farming (of any type) is not allowed (this includes farming by connecting to Server using 2 Computers or with your friend).
[8-B] Stats Boosting or Farming through any bug or typo in Server is also prohibited.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be banned for at-least 2 weeks (most probably more than that).

[Rule 9] Restriction of Cops and Robbers Team-up
[9-A] Cops and Robbers cannot team-up.
[9-B] Cops may accept bribes at their discretion, but cops may not drive around with or help criminals.
[9-C] If a suspect is your friend or you do not want to arrest him, just go away.
[9-D] Do not stay near a suspect (either on foot or on vehicle) if you're not going to arrest them (it will also be considered team-up).

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be punished In-Game (includes fine) or might be banned (it's up-to the admins).

[Rule 10] Prohibition of Multiple Accounting and Account Sharing
[10-A] Creation of multiple accounts by one person is not allowed.
[10-B] Sharing your In-Game account with anyone (including family members and friends) is not allowed.

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be banned for at-least 3 weeks (most probably 1 month or more).

[Rule 11] Basic Rules for Cops
[11-A] Cops are not allowed to attack innocent (white) and ticket-able (yellow) players.
[11-B] A cop is not allowed to kill other cops (by car parking or in any way other than shooting).
[11-C] A cop is obligated to use /Pullover (/PU) first while being in a pursuit with a suspect, yet if the suspect refuses to surrender the cop has the right either to blow up his vehicle or take him down.
[11-D] A cop is not allowed to shoot a suspect and take him down being on foot unless the suspect shoots first.(In some cases a cop is allowed to take down a suspect being on foot if the suspect uses any deadly cmd on the cop)

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be punished In-Game or a Ban for at-least 1 week.

[Rule 12] Rules for Medics
[12-A] Medics are not allowed to harm a player in any way.
[12-B] They must not abuse their job (i.e. harming players by ramming or some other way and then using /heal command).

Penalty/Punishment: The player will be punished In-Game or player may get heavily charged (fined for rule break).

[Rule 13] Rules for Special Forces (SWAT and CIA)
[13-A] General Server and Cop Rules apply to the Special Forces.
[13-B] SWAT Rules for SWAT Members can be found in SWAT Rules thread on forum.
[13-C] SWAT Rules for the players applying for SWAT can be found in SWAT Rules for Applicant thread on forum.
[13-D] CIA Rules for CIA Members can be found in CIA Rules thread on forum.
[13-E] CIA Rules for the players applying for CIA can be found in CIA Rules for Applicant on forum.

Penalty/Punishment: The penalty to SWAT/CIA Member shall be given by the SWAT/CIA Commander. It can be a demotion or a Ban too from specified Faction (depends upon the violation committed).

[Rule 14] Rules for Banned Players
[14-A] If you have been banned by Server's Anti-Cheat or any admin, you should not Ban Evade (in any way).
[14-B] Creation of Multiple Accounts to Ban Evade is prohibited.
[14-C] If you feel guilty about your mischief then try posting Ban Appeal and wait for the admin to respond.
[14-D] If nobody responds in a week then you may remind them once on Server Forum/IRC.

Penalty/Punishment: Ban Evading may lead your ban be exaggerated for more duration of time.

[Rule 15] Miscellaneous Rules
[15-A] If you do happen to see a player breaking rules for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to use command "/complain [ID/Nick] [Reason]" to submit a report to online admins (In-Game and on IRC) for immediate processing.
[15-B] Abusing or misuse of the report command is not allowed, use it at the right time when in need.
[15-C] If there isn't any admin online at certain time and you want to report somebody, you may instead head to the forum and post a report. We would prefer that you post the report with appropriate evidence (with Screenshots/Video Record).
[15-D] Remember to capture Screenshot/Video Record of every rule break committed by players whom you are going to report on forum or In-Game, that will help an admin to understand and handle the scene or situation and to understand the offense in more better way.
[15-E] Failure to report a hacker or a rule breaker is also a rule break.
[15-F] If you find any SWAT/CIA Member or any admin abusing their powers and privileges, you should report them on forum in SWAT/CIA Report Section or in Admin Report Section respectively.
[15-G] The complaints against admins will be handled by the Owner or Lead Admins.
[15-H] Use your common sense all the time (includes every way and aspect).

Penalty/Punishment: Assisting a rule breaker may lead you being banned. If an admin is found guilty, the Owner will take the necessary decision regarding him.

>> The Server Rules will be constantly updated in future (with the necessary updates or amendments needed).
>> The Penalties/Punishments by the admins on violation of the Server Rules may alter but will be in accordance with the rule break committed.
>> Rules Update: 3.0 - Amended & Symmetrised