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Harvesting Mission Tutori  

Harvesting Mission

What is Harvesting Mission all about?
Harvesting Mission is similar to Cash Delivery Mission, you just don't need to drive around a city, all you have to drive is a Combine Harvester around a field in Blueberry Acres .

Where can I find Combine Harvester
You can find it at Blueberry Acres. There are ~6 Combine Harvesters at that location.
Picture posted below of Combine Harvester

If you don't know where Blueberry Acres is, look at the pictures below.

How do you start the mission and how much do you earn?
You can start the mission by simply pressing 2 (not TYPE) and then drive around the checkpoints in the field. You MUST be a civilian when doing this mission! Cops/SWATs/CIAs can NOT do this mission! You earn around $25,000 for completing it each time. It takes barely 3-4 minutes to complete the mission, so it's easy money...

A video has been made by WildWolf just to help you out.. But really, this mission is really not that complicated if you see. All you need is a Combine Harvester and drive around.

NOTE: Do NOT hesitate to ask any question regarding to the mission! Just ask your question, dont ask to ask your question!