Mission: Paperboy Job - Grand Theft Cop And RobbersLast Updated: dawood - 09 April 2016

Mission: Paperboy Job  

Paperboy Job is a mission in which we deliver Newpapers to owned houses. It is present in GTCNR as a Job of entertainment. Usually, we have to find owned houses and walk onto their doors to deliver Newpapers. It's an easy job and one can understand it without any problem.


If you want to learn and do this Job in the right way, follow the procedure as under.

1. Get a Vehicle and goto "Paperboy Job Checkpoint" located near Carshop, Royal Casino(LV).
2. Hop on the checkpoint with your vehicle and type "/paperboy" to start the Newspaper delivery job.
3. Then roam around San Andreas and find owned houses.
4. When you find an owned house, move on the doorstep Menu to deliver the paper. You'll hear a "Beap" sound when the paper will be delivered.
5. Keep on delivering papers till the time(12mins) at the right-bottom corner runs out.
6. For any help u can ask anyone ig :). Enjoy ur mission and have fun !

**Remember, the more papers you deliver the more money you will earn. You can't deliver papers at your own house or at same house for the two times.

Video Tutorial:

Hope, this Tutorial will help you in all directions. If still face any trouble, ask any In-Game player for help regarding mission. Thanks ! !!