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Stock Market  

Stock Market

A stock exchange is a place to trade stocks. Business Industries may want to get their stock listed on a stock exchange. Other stocks may be traded "over the department", that is, through City Hall.Market participants include individual retail investors and traders, institutional investors such as banks, Businesses and departments trading in their own shares.

This market Expands upon the GTCNR economy system, Stock Market fluctuate upon the real market of GTCNR Markets and demand of the item. Invest your money in one of the market stocks which listed in stock exchange. You can go up to 100,000 Stocks in each of them. You can check your shares details and stock investment details by /shares. Visit a Local City Hall to access the Stock Market.


Markets in Stock Exchange

As There are 9 Different Trade Stocks you can invest. There are listed below:

  1. Government Bond
  2. Drug Industry
  3. Biz Market
  4. Commercial Market
  5. Fish Market
  6. Hospital
  7. House Market
  8. Police Department
  9. Ammunation

Note: Remember when you are going to invest money in any of above market, invest at low price and sell your shares when there are at high price.

Stock Market Commands

  • /shares

Video Tutorial

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kge_Fswfx_k

**Don't hesitate to ask anybody In-Game if you are facing any problem regarding Stock Market. Thanks!